Ownership Program

The ownership program at Braganza is straightforward and crafted with your success as our primary goal. As part of our team, you will start by managing a Braganza store, where you will receive comprehensive training to ensure you have the necessary skills for successful operation. This role is not only a paid position with benefits but also a crucial step in your journey, expected to last at least one year. During this period, you will delve deep into our operations, demonstrating your managerial skills and learning the essence of our business model.

Upon reaching the necessary skill milestone, you qualify to transition into a franchise owner. This pivotal moment allows you to share in the profits and build equity in your store, transforming it from a business you run to a business you own.

Our program is designed to make franchise ownership accessible, providing a viable path for individuals with the requisite skills and dedication. We significantly reduce the prohibitive upfront costs usually associated with starting a franchise, making it a tangible opportunity to realize your dream of owning and operating your own Braganza location(s). Supported by a culture of enablement and robust leadership, we’re here to guide you every step of the way towards successful franchise ownership

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An Amazing Opportunity

Our goal is to bring great people together, all united to accomplish our vision of serving the best cold tea beverages in the world. If our culture resonates with you and you thrive on fostering strong team bonds, we’re offering a chance to not only increase your income but also build equity in your own store(s). Our ownership program is designed to develop skilled leaders that are dedicated and embody our ‘make it perfect’ philosophy wholeheartedly. This is your chance to dive into a role where your leadership can create vibrant and dynamic teams.

What to Expect

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Gaining Management Experience

It is required to gain a year of management experience at Braganza. This is a fully compensated position with benefits. This time will be spent learning how to successfully lead a store, learning everything it takes to make perfect boba, and creating a culture.

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Hands-On Operating

Braganza owners are hands-on. We lead by example and work-in store with our teams. We value training others and take pride in instilling our crews with a healthy work ethic and feeling fulfillment in a job well done with like-minded peers.

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Make it Perfect Philosophy

We have spent over a decade creating a one-of-a-kind process for delivering consistently great bubble tea with minimal product waste. Being able to bring an excellent beverage to the hands of our customers at a fair price is one of the core ingredients of our continued success.

Braganza Employees

A Relationship Focus

Effective leaders are able to cultivate and enact culture building throughout their team(s) by inspiring them day-in and day-out. We understand that strong working relationships is a key part of success for any Braganza team and we do everything in our power to ensure that this happens.

Our Commitment to Owners

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Low Entry Cost

Our ownership model is uniquely designed to be a hands-on-learning experience that turns qualified managers into owners. It’s true that the cash requirement to get into our franchise is only $10,000, demonstrating our commitment to making ownership financially accessible.

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Tested Store Systems

Braganza provides a store system that we have spent over a decade refining. Future owners can take pride in knowing that they will receive comprehensive digital operations guides and training for managing their location(s).

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Lower Risk

Here at Braganza, we don’t just hand you the keys and wish you luck. We take the time to open stores and ensure they’re successful beforehand because your confidence in having a successful store is important.

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Continued Support

We have a full suite of support tools for owners, everything from managing licenses to navigating taxes, payroll infrastructure and leadership guidance, and much more.

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  • Is a relationship builder and is willing to learn leadership
  • Is willing to learn what it takes to attract and retain best-in-industry teams
  • Is excited about our vision and loves bubble tea
  • Wants to have their own operation and is happy to be actively hand-on with their store(s)

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