Ownership Program Qualifications

  • Passing a background check and drug free.
  • Growth mindset and honest.
  • Bachelor's degree or 4 years+ of management experience is required.
  • A commitment to:
    1. Learn the ability to attract and hire staff members that embody Braganza’s values.
    2. Learn the ability to have great staff retention.
    3. Learn the ability to train your team to perform at a high level.
  • A good credit score.

Employees working at a location slated to be franchised or that has been franchised within the last year are not eligible to apply for franchise opportunities within the Braganza network.

Former employees must observe a waiting period of one year from their date of departure from the company before they are eligible to apply for a franchise opportunity.

These policies are designed to maintain the integrity and stability of the entire Braganza franchise network, ensuring fair and equitable treatment of all employees and franchisees.