About Us


To provide the best cold tea beverages in the world

Braganza bubble tea drinks


From day one, our philosophy has been that standard add-ons should always come free with your bubble tea. To this day, it's one of the many ways we strive to bring value to customers. We have come a long way since our stand at the Portland Farmer’s market in 2003. Since then, Braganza has become a regional chain focused on a vision to provide our customers with the best cold tea beverages in the world… and to provide them at a fair price too. In pursuit of our lofty goal, we find ourselves constantly working on betterment projects to bring you better boba and raising the bar on ingredient selection.

Braganza’s boba is made fresh at least every 4 hours, we uses loose leaf teas, craft our own syrups sweetened via organic sugar, and we take pride in the fact that many of our recipes are made from scratch at our headquarters in Vancouver, Wa.

Trivia: Our name was inspired by Catherine of Braganza; she brought tea from Portugal to the New World.



Provide Value

We shall focus on providing value to our customers and contribute to providing value to Braganza and our teams as well.


We strive for the continual improvement of our image, product, systems, service, and oneself.


We understand that budgets are an essential component of maintaining the capacity to deliver value to our customers and provide a stable work environment.


Put plans into action. We focus on enacting solutions and learning along the way. Don't waste a moment on accusing or tearing others down. If you're not making some mistakes, you're not pushing your growth. Roll up your sleeves and do!

Develop & Recruit

We aim to develop each team member with the intent of maintaining an engaged tenure and creating a team united behind our mission. We work to develop a servant leadership mentality and teach it top down.
We recruit people with a positive attitude, that are a cultural fit, and embody the right assets or are naturally inclined to devlop the assets needed for the position.